Church History

Ninety-Six Years (1920-2016).

Mt. Moriah was organized on October 20, 1920. It was originally located in the Virginia Street School. It was one of the only few black churches in the city at that time. The organizing pastor was Rev. Henry McHenry, who served as pastor for 26 years (1920-1946). Under the leadership of Rev. Henry McHenry, God blessed the membership to grow to about 500. The church split and soon relocated to 1924 Maryland Street, and later to its present location at the 735 E. 20th Avenue, Gary, Indiana. The following has also served as under-shepherds over the years:

·        Rev. Williams, 1946 (for 6 mos.)

·        Rev. P.K. Kelly, 1946-48

·        Rev. M.A. Lewis, 1948-51

·        Rev. B.A. Armour, 1951-53

·        Rev. W. McKinley, 1953-56

·        Rev. Willie E. Parker, 1956-94

·        Rev. Bennir L. Baskin (Interim), 1995

·        Rev. Dr. Marion J. Johnson, Jr., Dec. 1995-present

Under the pastorage of Rev. Willie E. Parker, who served as the pastor for 38 years, the following projects were completed:

·        Three lots were purchased.

·        The mortgage was paid off.

·        The sanctuary was renovated.

·        An annex was added.

·        A parking lot was added, paved and enclosed.

·        Furniture, pews, a piano, an organ, and much more was purchased.

The tenure of our present pastor, Rev. Dr. Marion J. Johnson, Jr. began in December, 1995. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of our membership, spirituality, praise, and Christian work continues to grow. Projects and work completed under Pastor Johnson’s leadership includes, but are not limited to:

·        4 additional lots purchased.

·        2 vans purchased.

·        Chairs purchased.

·        The Henry McHenry/Willie E. Parker Scholarship were founded.

·        Auto, Video, Radio, and Television Outreach Ministries were established.

·        A sound weekly Bible Study was organized.

·        The Sunday School has grown spiritually and in numbers.

·        A mid-week prayer service was started along with other services, classes, and seminars where the word of God is taught, preached, explained, and can be absorbed by all who are willing to learn.

We thank and praise God for 96 years and for all those that willingly and lovingly labored and continue to labor through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We thank and praise God for the building up of God’s church and the body of Christ. Our pastor has been given a vision for. An internal vision for our spiritual and an external vision for a new building.

For years, Mt. Moriah MBC has stood as a sentinel, pointing men, women, boys, and girls to the Heavenly ways. In the midst of world turmoil, war, and strife, and when godly ideas seem to be crumbling, this church has held the banner of Christ. Christ said, “Upon this rock I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” It is through faith in God that we have endured 96 years. We must stand on the word of God and continue to grow in faith, to work the works of God, and the reach the vision of our leader.

May this church stand in the years to come as it has stood these 96 years, a living monument to a Savior who dies that all men might live. We proudly proclaim 96 years…. Living to Reach our Goal!!!

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