Mt Moriah Broadcast, Radio & Television

Radio: The Sunday School Hour
             Sundays, 7-8am. WGVE Radio 88.7 FM
             Hosts: Pastor Marion Johnson, Mt. Moriah MBC
                         Pastor Chet Johnson, New Tabernacle MBC
                         Pastor Dwight E. Mobley, Van Buren BC

The Mt. Moriah Ministries Broadcast Hour
Sundays, 8-9pm. WGVE Radio 88.7 FM

Television: Gary Cable- Channel 21
                Mondays- 6:30pm
                Merrillville Cable- Channel 16
                Fridays- 1-2pm

Transportation is available for Sunday School, Bible Study, and other fellowship services. Contact the church (Tuesday thru Friday) by 2:00pm to secure a ride.